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DIY Harry Potter Favors!

As promised, today I’ve got a follow up post walking you through some of the DIYs I did for my friend Amanda’s bachelorette in September!  We did a “She Found a Keeper/She’s a Catch” Harry Potter/Quidditch theme for her winery tour day of fun, but these would work great for any Harry Potter themed party!


Today I’ll walk you through decorating the favor bags, and making the flying keys, golden snitches, and chocolate frogs!

Personalized Bags

First up, the bags! I think it would be fun to decorate not only favor bags for parties of any kind but also for personalized gift bags. This was really easy with my Cricut and some adhesive vinyl, and the same process is used for applying adhesive vinyl to pretty much any surface, besides fabrics. If you’re interested in seeing how to apply iron-on vinyl to fabric (for the shirts or anything else) you can check out my post on decorating felt totes!


I went with plain, brown kraft paper bags for this project which I purchased at Michaels. Any time you’re shopping at Michaels make sure to capitalize on coupons! With a few exceptions, there’s essentially always a 40-50% off one item coupon available. I grabbed some regular adhesive vinyl in gold and maroon and designed two different styles of bag. I ended up using one style for Amanda’s bag and the other for everyone else. You can grab the “Amanda Found a Keeper” style here!

First you’ll want to measure your bags and then size your decals using the built-in rulers in Design Space. Next cut your shapes out of the appropriate colours of vinyl. Once they’re properly cut you can use a weeding tool (or any tweezers and sharp skewers) to remove the negative parts of the image.


Next you’ll use clear transfer tape to move all the finnicky little parts of the image to your project surface in one go! So easy to customize for any occasion.


Flying Keys

Obviously a lot of the favors given at bachelorette parties are on theme for the day, or consumable items to be used that day or the next. I think that’s fun and totally fine! That said I like the idea of giving something that can be kept as a souvenir and used in the future - that means it needs to be something practical, and ideally not too overtly themed. I did include cute lightning bolt necklaces in these bags as well, but I didn’t think that was necessarily something everyone would use in the future (though I do wear mine a lot!).


I thought a great item anyone could use would be a bottle opener. Most people already have one lying around somewhere but it’s always nice to have a spare, or one to keep if you have a bar somewhere else in your home, outside by the barbecue, in a cooler, etc.! Since these old fashion key style openers are so cute you could actually even keep them on your keys.

So the base item was great but had nothing to do with the Harry Potter theme at all. And you guys, I love when things are on theme. When I think keys & Harry Potter I think of the flying keys that acted as a barrier to the Philosopher’s Stone. I had the idea to attach a small set of wings to the keys using a dot of hot glue so that people could pluck the wings right off and not have to be on theme forever. I ended up making the wings out of vellum.


I found the wing design online and had my Cricut draw on the design with a marker and cut out the vellum. This made it easy to do the number I needed! If you don’t have a Cricut though you could freehand the wings or even print one sample and trace them onto the vellum before cutting out the simple shape yourself. Then simply attach to the key with hot glue.


Golden Snitches

I wanted to include a sweet treat in the bags and I’m definitely not the first person to notice that Ferrero Rocher chocolates make perfect little golden snitches. For these I found a shimmery white paper and used my Cricut to cut out a wing pattern which I again attached with hot glue.


There’s really not much else to say for this one - it was just a fun opportunity to incorporate the theme for less than 15 minutes of work and $2 of materials so I took it!

Chocolate Frogs

Okay guys these were definitely the most work but they are also by FAR my favourite. I have to give enormous props to Girls on Food who were my inspiration for this project after they designed custom chocolate frog cards for the cutest bridal shower. Also huge thank you to Michelle over at Filch’s Office for the cleaned up template for not only the chocolate frog card, but the box as well!

My first step here was importing the box template into DesignSpace as a “Print and Cut” image. Since I had to assemble quite a few of these I also opted to add a few “Score” lines in Design space. These are great if you have a scoring blade, or the more cheaply available scoring tool which you can put in the “A” spot on your Cricut Maker. I added scoring lines wherever I would be making folds to expedite the assembly process.


Next I opened the chocolate frog card template in Photoshop and added a photo of the couple and a little blurb about them. This was also then uploaded to Design Space as a Print and Cut. Honestly these would have been really easy to cut by hand as they’re simple pentagons, but the Cricut was already out so why not?


I printed both the cards and the box templates onto white cardstock and then cut them! My amazing sister helped me to assemble these all in an afternoon with some glue to secure. We stuck the front and backs of the cards together, also with glue. Then, because I’m kind of a perfectionist, I also trimmed the cards down a little more to make them look more cohesive.


For the frogs themselves I used this mold from Amazon which was fantastic! The correct way to make these would be to temper chocolate and then pour in the molds to set but I’ll be honest - I used Wilton candy melts in milk and dark chocolate instead. They don’t quite have the snap of properly tempered chocolate but you can do the whole thing in the microwave in 10 minutes so it’s kind of worth it. I made these a few days in advance and kept them in an airtight container until the day before when I packaged each one into its own box, with a small piece of waxed paper separating it from the card it sat on. I did use a small piece of tape just to ensure the boxes would stay shut!


I hope this helps inspire you for your next party, no matter what the theme is! It’s so fun to run with an idea and I had so much fun putting together favors that I knew the bride and guests would love and appreciate! 

Quick “Hand-lettered” Shirts

With Galentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve been seeing lots of Leslie Knope gifs floating around. Leslie Knope is a fictional feminist icon and inspiration to us all, as well as my own personal icon. I thought it might be fun to use one of her quotes to dress up one of the plain shirts I wear to the gym. 

I played around with fonts a little but couldn’t put together anything I liked so I decided to try hand-lettering. I am absolutely not a calligrapher, but this was pretty fun! I broke out a brush pen and played around until I had something I liked. 


This can definitely take some practice and time! Don’t be afraid to try different things or Google hand lettering for some inspiration. After doodling for a while I had a result I was happy with:


At this point if you’ve been practicing on scrap paper or in a notebook you want to rewrite your quote onto a very light colored paper using a very dark marker. The more contrast, the easier it will be to turn the image into a cut file in design space.


I took the clearest photo I could of the finished project on my phone. Make sure the lighting is good and that only the paper is in frame (or crop afterwards). Then upload into Design Space and cut onto Heat Transfer Vinyl as normal!

This quick project took less than 30 minutes and turned out awesome! I can think of so many great applications for this, what would you make?

Winery Tour Bachelorette with a Gryffindor Twist

Okay, how fortunate am I to have gotten to celebrate another one of my incredible friends with a bachelorette party this year?! Incredibly.

You can probably guess who the bride is from the shirts.

You can probably guess who the bride is from the shirts.

To celebrate Amanda’s upcoming wedding (eeeee! it’s this weekend!) we took her on a day full of winery tours in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Amanda’s a big Harry Potter fan (as am I, it’s one of the things we first bonded over when we met) so one of the other bridesmaids suggested giving her day a Gryffindor/Quidditch twist. Our theme was “Amanda Found a Keeper” (Keeper being a Quidditch position in Harry Potter) and I included touches of maroon and gold throughout (fun accident: maroon and gold were also our high school colours!).

In this post I’ll give you a bit of a rundown of the day and some fun stuff and go into some DIY details in future posts. You can find the favor bags, flying keys, golden snitches and chocolate frogs here! I used my Cricut to make our shirts for the day - Amanda’s says “I found a Keeper” and ours say “She’s a catch!”

Lianna also worked on the crazy cookies below. Sorry Li, I only had you in group pictures and I didn’t want to ask every person for permission to post!

Lianna also worked on the crazy cookies below. Sorry Li, I only had you in group pictures and I didn’t want to ask every person for permission to post!

I rolled these up and tied on tags with each girl’s name just so we wouldn’t have to dig around for sizes and fits - I collected information on size and fit from all the girls ahead of time.

This was a pretty simple process! I designed the shirts using Design Space and cut the Iron-On using my Cricut. I ordered the blank tshirts online and then I just had to weed the images and iron them on! I loved the metallic gold iron-on I used on the maroon shirts so much that I included a little gold snitch on the back of Amanda’s shirt too even though it didn’t show up as well on the white!

It was so hard to capture this metallic finish in a photo but I’m thrilled with how they came out!

It was so hard to capture this metallic finish in a photo but I’m thrilled with how they came out!

Because most of our group was travelling from about an hour away I booked a bus to take us to Niagara-on-the-Lake, from winery to winery, and then back home for dinner. This meant no one had to drive and we could all relax and focus on having fun together.

We headed out around 11am and made it to our tasting at Lakeview Wine Co. around 12:15pm. Everything we sampled was great!

Drinking wine all day is fun but I wanted to make sure everyone walked away as headache free as possible - that means eating and hydrating in between! I brought a packed cooler with bottled water, apples, individual pasta salads, and what the girls deemed “adult lunchables.”

I wanted these to be like little travel charcuterie/cheese boards so I included a variety of crackers, some trail mix, prosciutto, chorizo, and four different cheeses: dill havarti, aged cheddar, a Babybel, and these adorable individual wheels of brie!

I wanted these to be like little travel charcuterie/cheese boards so I included a variety of crackers, some trail mix, prosciutto, chorizo, and four different cheeses: dill havarti, aged cheddar, a Babybel, and these adorable individual wheels of brie!

I bought the lunch containers on Amazon and filled them the night before with the help of my parents and sister. I also filled some smaller cups with Costco pasta salad - FYI it’s amazing! We were so glad to have things to snack on all day long - I’ll definitely do this again!

My incredible friend & fellow bridesmaid Jess, along with her very talented mom and sister, made us the best cookies I’ve ever seen. They’re a little NSFW (though maybe not at first glance) and were a huge hit to look at in addition to being delicious!

The cookie genius herself is on Instagram @mama_oddi!

The cookie genius herself is on Instagram @mama_oddi!

After Lakeview we headed to Jackson Triggs where we did a full tour and tasting and then hung out for a while on the patio enjoying the beautiful day.

At the beginning of the day I had given all the girls favor bags with some things they might need for the day and some fun treats I put together to go with the theme!

In terms of more practical items we’ve got tissues, a wet wipe, ibuprofen (to fend off those possible headaches I mentioned), mints, and hair ties.

In terms of more practical items we’ve got tissues, a wet wipe, ibuprofen (to fend off those possible headaches I mentioned), mints, and hair ties.


In addition to my “practical” favor bag items I wanted to include some things to play on the theme. I decorated the bags with vinyl, attached some cardstock wings to Ferrero Rocher chocolates to make golden snitches, made colour-coordinated hair ties with fold-over elastic, and threw in these sweet little gold lightning bolt necklaces. I also made custom chocolate frogs with chocolate frog cards of the bride and groom-to-be which was a ton of fun! Lastly I found these little skeleton key bottle openers which I thought would be useful and I attached little vellum wings to mimic the flying keys from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The wings are just attached with a dot of hot glue so the girls can pluck them off and keep the bottle opener around in a purse, on a keychain, or in a kitchen drawer! Click here to see more details on those DIYs!

We finished up at Caroline Cellars with even more tastings before heading back for dinner & drinks at Merit Brewing in Hamilton.

We finished off the night at one of the other bridesmaids houses and honestly had such a wonderful day. I’m so glad to have gotten to meet all these amazing ladies!

In the middle is Jess, cookie decorator extraordinaire.

In the middle is Jess, cookie decorator extraordinaire.

Hey Lady! Bachelorette Favor Bags

Hey Lady!

I wanted to share some of the cute crafts I did recently for a friend's bachelorette party! She wasn't into penis straws or matching t-shirts but I wanted to make something cute to celebrate this amazing lady and commemorate the day! I decided to make the favour bags out of felt and decorate them with a pretty pink floral theme that I tried to carry through the decorations. 

"Hey lady!" is a common way for the bride to greet her friends so I thought it would be sweet and remind people of her without being too obviously bachelorette-y.

Photo Jun 18, 9 07 11 PM.jpg

I started by cutting out the two pieces that make up each bag using my Cricut Maker, but you could just as easily print a template and cut them out by hand! I had 20 bags to make which is 40 sides so I was taking any option I could to speed things along!

I bought a few yards of grey felt and got about 5 bag sides per metre of fabric. When cutting I used the rotary blade cutter on a 12"x24" fabric mat (if you're using an earlier Cricut you could use a deep-cut blade, just google settings for cutting felt!). You can download the SVG I used for the bag here!

Assembling these bags was a really simple sewing project and again could be done by hand if you had the time! Instead I broke out my 100 year-old Domestic sewing machine passed down to me by my late grandmother. She was also a crafty DIYer and I'll have to share more about her at some point. All I did was line up two pieces of the felt and ran my sewing machine in a straight stitch (that's all it's capable of) around the body of the bag and across the inch-long tops of the handles. Then you just turn the whole thing inside out!

The next step was to make the iron-on decals. I used this gorgeous tote design from Style Me Pretty as a starting point and then the free font Malisa Script to add my text! You can snag that project here! When cutting an iron-on remember to reverse the design. Then set up your machine with a deep cut blade and your Iron-on or HTV (heat-transfer vinyl - I like Siser brand!) shiny side down on your light grip mat. Once you've cut you can start the slightly tedious weeding process (the prettier the design the worse the weeding!) before ironing your design onto your bag!

Interested in how I filled these bags?

Photo Jun 18, 9 09 56 PM.jpg

I filled these cute little bags with some bachelorette party essentials! Powdered sports drink, mini packs of Advil, a Ring pop, Lifesavers mints, a pack of Kleenex and a little mix-your-own cocktail to get the party started! I also ended up tossing a bottle of water in each bag so we could stay hydrated on our day full of wine tours!

I bought pretty much everything here from the dollar store. The individual Advils aren't readily available in Canada but Dollar Tree in the U.S. stocks them so I picked them up on a trip across the border! 

Another thing that's hard to find up here in the Great White North? 50 ml bottles of alcohol. Because of the liquor laws in Ontario it's really hard to find 50 ml bottles of alcohol and nearly impossible to find them for a reasonable price. I bought the gin in Ontario for $5 a bottle before I gave up. While I was across the border I stopped in a liquor store in Amherst, NY and picked up a variety of bottles for $1-$2 a piece! The mixers I bought in an assorted pack at Marshalls (also try: Winners, Home Sense, TJ Maxx).

I tied them together with some cute pink and white baker's twine for.. no real reason except aesthetics. 

Photo Jun 18, 10 01 34 PM.jpg

I'll share the paper flowers I made for decoration soon!

Any questions? Just ask! I'll be over here making a mess.